Why is Cold-Pressed Juice Expensive?

Article in HuffPost: Why Your Cold-Pressed Juice Is So Expensive. By Alison Spiegel

Reasons our products cost more than our competitors:

  • We are 95 to 100% organic which adds 40% to 200% to our ingredient cost (avg. increase is around 96%)
  • We batch process i.e. we do not blend juices after processing
  • We are committed to glass packaging which costs more than plastic – this reflects our strong commitment to reducing waste, saving our oceans and protecting our land resources
  • We pay a living wage to our employees in lieu of a minimum wage
  • We bottle immediately after processing which limits our shelf life to 72 hours – other processors store juice in a manner that allows them to sell juice that is up to 7 days old
  • We are the only licensed bottler of Juice in Rhode Island – maintaining this license and the ability to put a lid on our juices protects and boosts our customer’s health
  • We have a significant investment in top quality cold-press processing equipment that allows us to produce our products with minimal degradation to fragile vitamins and beneficial phyto-nutrients – this allows us to put from 2 to 4 lbs. of fresh, organic produce in each 16 oz. jar – that is double to triple the ingredients in a 16 oz. serving of a juice produced in a centrifugal juicer or a single auger masticating juicer
  • We do not load our products with the cheapest ingredients – we load them with the healthiest ingredients which are almost always the most expensive ingredients
  • In addition to our packaging being environmentally supportive, we produce less waste than traditional juice which is good for everyone – we also compost 100% of our food waste
  • It requires a magic, crystal ball to determine what juices and other products to make on a thrice-weekly basis – give that our products are highly perishable if they are not sold within their “best by” date they need to be thrown out
    Appearances can be deceiving.
    When buying juice be sure to compare apples to apples! And investing in your future health requires a bit of faith – the smart choice is to invest now to protect your health, kind of like contributing to a 401k to protect your future.

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