Why Drink Cold Pressed Raw Juice

cold pressed raw juice from the power of juiceHealth Benefits of Raw, Cold Pressed Fruit and Vegetable Juice 

When it comes to pursuing a healthy diet, there are definite advantages to including raw fruit and vegetable juice as part of your daily intake. Raw, cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice comes straight from the source and, therefore, does not contain any processed sugar or other additives that dilute the health benefits.

Isn’t all juice the same? The answer is no. The juices available in supermarkets and other outlets are concentrated forms of juice that have been heat processed or preserved in some other way which extends shelf life and kills vitamins. These products do not contain nutrients and vitamins that raw juices do and they are full of preservatives, processed sugars and other additives. Raw, cold pressed juices provide tons of live, fresh nutrients that no other form of juice can.


Beetox cold pressed raw juiceAdvantages of Raw, Cold Pressed Vegetable and Fruit Juice

There are a number of benefits to drinking raw, cold pressed juice on a regular basis, especially if you are complimenting it with a healthy diet.

Right Amount of Fruits and Vegetables: It can be difficult to eat all of the required fruits and vegetables recommended for the day.  However, by consuming a portion of your fruits and vegetables in juice form you can easily absorb all of what you need on a daily basis.  In addition, you can do so in an easily accessible, transportable package ideal for our busy lifestyles.

All the Nutrients are Present: Raw fruit and vegetable juice contains all the nutrients and they can be fully absorbed by the body.  There are no processed sugars or other additives present that interfere with the body’s ability to soak up all the nutrients that are present.

Enhance Variety: Proper juicing allows you to consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that you otherwise might not. Consider how many people eat the same kind of salads each day and miss out on the many different vegetables available and the varied nutrients they offer. By juicing, you can add a broad range of both fruits and vegetables to your diet.

One of the best ways to fully enjoy your cold pressed juice is by participating in a juice cleanse or reboot where you can reset your body and kick start a healthy diet program. A three day cleanse is often recommended to help clear out the digestive tract. However we do offer a 1 day cleanse for beginners and a 5 day cleanse for the more experienced juicer.

basket full of cold pressed raw juice

Why Go on a Juice Cleanse? 

There are some good reasons to go on a proper cleanse, even if you are not planning on starting a diet anytime soon.

Rest and Repair the Digestive System: From the stomach, intestinal tract and even the liver can benefit from a juice cleanse which provides much of the nutrition needed without hampering the body with food.

Bring More Nutrients to the Body: When you cleanse, the nutrients in the juice will almost seem amplified because the body is absorbing them so rapidly when you are not eating food.

Improve Energy & Lose Weight: You will feel more energized when you only drive the raw, cold pressed juice and the body will start the process of shedding the excess weight. Plus, you also become better hydrated as there is no food to absorb the liquid.

Visit the Power of Juice to order raw juice singles, electrolyte hydrators, hand crafted nut milks, and juice cleanses, or stop by and sample our juices at the Aquidneck Growers Market every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm all year round.

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