Miso Stock used in TPOJ’s Miso Mushroom Soup

South River Miso StockArticle published on Bon Appetit’s website featuring South River Miso Stock. The very product we use in our Miso Mushroom soup and stock in the store.

Quote: … the one brand that the food editors reach for when they want something really special, for a recipe that not only uses miso as its backbone but puts its salty-sweet earthiness at the forefront, is South River Miso.

When founders Christian and Gaella Elwell started South River Miso Company in 1982, “there was no one making miso in the United States from organic ingredients, and there was virtually no unpasteurized miso available,” Christian told me. What was available was imported from Japan and pasteurized to meet regulations. The couple, who met in Boston in the late ‘70s, only wanted the unpasteurized stuff: As students of macrobiotics, they were interested in miso primarily for its health benefits, some of which are lost during the high heat of pasteurization.

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We Loved This Miso Even Before We Knew It Was Ground By Foot
By Sarah Jampel, April 29, 2019

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