Edible Rhody: More Power to the Fruits and Veggies!

September 12, 2016: article by Johnette Rodriquez

As an artisanal juice company, The Power of Juice gives credence to its name because of its cold-pressing of fruits and vegetables to best preserve their vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The Power of Juice’s products only have a shelf life (in the refrigerator) of 72 hours. In addition to eight juice blends, The Power of Juice also makes nut milks, dairy-free/gluten-free snack puddings and dairy-free/gluten-free pestos.

The cold-pressing process at P o’ J involves a gentle but very strong hydraulic press, which lets little or no air into the juice; just the fibers of the raw fruits and veggies are left behind. A centrifugal juicer, by contrast, introduces heat and oxidation into the pressing, which can destroy the best health-giving properties of the fruits and vegetables. The brilliant colors of the juices come from their ingredients, such as kale, carrots, beets, pineapples and citrus fruits. Their names are also colorful, including Jolly Green Giant, Pucker Up, Carrot Top and Morning Glory, the latter a customer favorite, with carrot, orange, green apple, kale and ginger. Owner and Cordon-Bleutrained chef Brigid Rafferty calls her juices a “fantastic way to consume nine to 13 portions of fruits and vegetables.”

Available at Aquidneck Growers’ and Mount Hope Farm Farmers’ Markets; also at Newport Cooks, Middletown and at All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Health Center, Wakefield.

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