Cora Balls Help Keep Microfibers Out Of Waterways

Excerpt from article:

“The laundry machine can clean your clothes … and wash microfibers into waterways. If only there was a simple way to collect microfibers before they’re flushed away. One solution: Cora Ball. This bit of biomimicry acts like coral to filter out and collect microfibers.

Microfibers are shed when clothing is washed. They’re made up of plastics and chemicals that are too small to be filtered out by your machine’s lint trap or during the water treatment process. So the tiny fibers wash into waterways and accumulate in the environment. They’re a concern similar to microplastics and microbeads from personal care products like facial scrubs. Simply put, microfibers and microplastics don’t belong in the environment, where they can absorb toxins and be ingested by fish, for instance.”

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Read Full Article Here: Coral-Like Laundry Ball Keeps Tiny Microfibers Out Of Waterways.

Another Forbes article: Science Says Laundry Balls And Filters Are Effective In Keeping Microfibers Out Of Waterways

Cora Ball Keeps Tiny Microfibers Out Of Waterways

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