Article in PBN: The juice to stay active

Friday, September 9, 2016: article by Eli Sherman

The Power of Juice LLC business concept focuses on finding healthy ways to achieve flavorful, high-quality juice without processed ingredients.

Brigid A. Rafferty, owner and executive chef of the cold-pressed, raw-juice company based in Middletown, spends much of her time outside of the kitchen talking with customers about the nutritional benefits – and risks – of food.

“It’s about talking with people to take baby steps toward recognizing that plants can be beneficial in ways that other food can’t be,” she said. “A lot of food in our grocery stores are empty of the needs of your body.”

The business launched earlier this year and already employs eight people. Rafferty has outgrown shared kitchen space in Middletown and is looking for new space. Company products are sold at retail locations in Middletown and South Kingstown and at select farmers markets. Besides juice, products also include nut milks and hand-crafted puddings.

“Fresh is better, eat from your community, eat live, fresh plants, and it really will change people’s lives,” Rafferty said.

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