March 21st, 2015 – Aquidneck Growers’ Market

The Power of Juice will be selling our cold-pressed raw juices, hand-crafted hydrator, milks and pudding at The Aquidneck Growers’ Market. Located at the Newport Vineyard and Winery, 900 East Main, Middletown RI

The Aquidneck Growers’ Market offers fresh, locally grown foods, flowers, produce and plants to the community. Aquidneck Grower’s Market is a Grade A market, meaning that all products for sale are grown or made by the vendor; nothing is bought in from other regions and re-selling is not permitted.

Newport Vineyard and Winery, 900 East Main, Middletown, RI 02842
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basket full of cold pressed raw juices
Beetox Cold Pressed Raw Juice

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