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Welcome to The Power of Juice, a plant-based lifestyle brand for the health-conscious and earth-friendly consumer. Our emphasis is on nutrition through whole foods, plants, organics and products that support the mind-body connection.

We are an artisanal, juice-based lifestyle brand serving Newport, RI and surrounding communities since opening in 2014. We make organic (90-100% depending on ingredient availability), cold-pressed raw juice and other vitamin-packed products like organic nut milks, organic plant-based and vegan-friendly snack foods and organic gluten-free prepared food options. The Power of Juice is also a retail destination serving consumers who strive to be healthier, and increase their consumption and use of organics, plants, whole foods and chemical and preservative-free products while maintaining a commitment to their environment and community.

Our proprietary food products are healthy, plant-based, nutrition-packed and organic. They organic dairy-free snack puddings, organic plant-based dips, organic vegan-friendly snack mixes, organic baked goods, organic snack and power bars and organic ready-to-bake cookies. These offerings are thoughtfully formulated for the health and diet conscious consumer. We strive to limit the intake of processed sugar and other processed ingredients. And most of our products are gluten-free as designed by nature!

Each of our products are crafted to provide specific vitamins and nutrients and were designed with a mindfulness towards promoting overall health when combined with a balanced lifestyle and diet. Our juice products also target digestion stimulation and metabolism acceleration.

Think of our cold pressed juices as vitamin infusions. While you can use our drinks to execute a successful cleanse, we prefer to think that they are simple, well-needed additives to a busy, resource-sapped lifestyle. They provide critical vitamins and minerals that a lot of people just don’t have the time to consume on a daily basis. Cold-pressed juice is very different from other kinds of juice. The kind you buy in the supermarket, even though it might say cold-pressed, has been pasteurized or put through high pressure pascalization, which means there’s no live enzymes in it. Many of the juices from a juice bar are made with a centrifuge, which creates heat and whips air into fruit and vegetable matter, killing off a lot of the vitamins. If you don’t drink those immediately, they’ll lose almost all their vitamins within a half hour. With the cold press it goes through a cold macerator, so there’s no heat used, and then they are hydraulically pressed, similar to pressing olive oil.

Because we cold press our juices, they have a shelf life of 72 hours from pressing. This means fewer trips to The Power of Juice to pick up your juices!

Not into cold pressed raw juice? Come in and check-out or plant-based, vegan-friendly food products and our plant-based pantry and lifestyle store at 1149 Aquidneck Avenue in Middletown, RI.
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